Speaking Memories Memorial

The only Night Light and Speaking Obituary. This original, beautiful, and durable bronze memorial provides a speaking recital of the buried. It supplies night lights on the graves, and has a solar powered battery. The unit is permanently attached on the marker of the beloved.

Visitors to the grave site may push a button and listen to the life story of the person or persons buried; including their own voice, song, or message. The light option will cast a glow on the graves. A light similar to the night lights used in their home as a comfort.

The Speaking Obituary and Night Light is for the remaining family and friends to honor their loved one’s life and keep their memories alive forever. Also the knowledge of a deceased persons desire to live by a night light when they were alive, provides the same security in their passing. Family and friends will be gratified in the knowledge that this system is in place at the grave site.

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